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YES! I want to add my Narcissist Relief Powerpack!

One-time payment, just US$10!
Laugh away the toxicity of man-childs, douche canoes, and emotional vampires with my library of 20+ science-based hypnotherapies and neural phase-locking music.

Of course, I've packed in some fun sweary ones! For days when you just need to say a good "fuck this."

Laugh off the nonsense, calm racing anxiety, and soothe away the anger. Access this treasure trove of audios at a one-time payment of just US$10.
SUPERCHARGE your Reverse Recovery with 1 min power hypnotherapies, designed just for your Trauma Type
I've lovingly crafted 7 hypnotic audios just for your Relationship Trauma Type, one for each day of RR.
1. Get your Trauma Type and 2. we'll send you your custom powerpack right away. 
Follow my voice and experience the bliss of neural phase locking—science-driven audios that help your brain PURGE anxiety in just 1 min!
BONUS: They're sassy . For days when you just need to say a good "fuck this."
Laugh off his fuckery & feel the anxiety melt away. Access your custom narc-relief powerpack in the next 1 min (one-time price shown upon selection.)

- One-Time Payment ONLY // We Guarantee Your Success -

Sign up and we'll get you started on the  Relationship Trauma Type Assessment immediately.

 On Day 3 , you'll experience a profound shift with  Inner J & Inner G  that will gently  release  you from the shame and blame. 

On Day 5 , you'll learn about the  F.A.C.T. system  and be able turn anxiety into  STRENGTH .

By Day 7 , you'll discover your shame shield and how to combat it. You'll hit your goals set on Day 1, and feel stronger, more powerful and  good enough .

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